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Vga To Hdmi Converter With Scaler

Vga To Hdmi Converter With Scaler

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VC182 video interface converter VGA to HDMI provides a simple and easy way to convert input analog audio-video (AV / VGA) to digital video interface HDMI. VC182 has a zoom function (Scaler) to convert the video resolution to improve picture quality. Movie VC182 is controlled via a built-Screen Display (OSD) and using the buttons on the front panel.


  • Converts VGA signal to HDMI
  • It supports analog input and digital audio signals
  • High resolution video - up to 1080p; 1920 X 1200
  • It has built a high-performance video scaling function (scaler) to achieve the best image quality
  • Built-in Display (OSD) menu to configure the video and system settings
  • It has built-in noise reduction to improve the image of visual perception
  • LED indication of power status and the presence of a signal from a video source
  • No additional software is required