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Video Splitter Vs-138 8-port 300MHz 1800x1400@80hz For Vga/svga/multisync

Video Splitter Vs-138 8-port 300MHz 1800x1400@80hz For Vga/svga/multisync

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The Video Separator is a signal booster and splitter that is used to take video input from a single source and direct it to eight video outputs for monitors using analog signals. The signal boost obtained by using the VS-138 allows you to not only split the signal but to extend the distance so that you can send the signal to about 210 feet. This is no mean feat, your average VGA card, over a standard VGA cable, send a clear VGA signal approximately 25 feet. This makes public broadcasts from a single computer very feasible. If you want to display the same information on many monitors at once, such as in a classroom environment, or at a demonstration, this product performs incredibly well.


  • One video input with two video outputs
  • Transmission distance of up to 210 feet
  • Suitable for SVGA, VGA, and Multisync monitors
  • Daisy-Chain multiple units together for even more outputs
  • Power-save mode, when the computer is off the power indicator LED's flash


Cable Distance 210
Case Qty. 5
Height 9.5
Length 20.5
Width 13.75
Connectors (Input) 15 pin HDB Male
Connectors (Output) 8 x 15 pin HDB Female
Height 52 mm
Length 224 mm
Width 152 mm
Case Plastic/Metal
Power On 1
Power Consumption DC 9V 420mA (Max)
Signal Type VGA; SVGA; MultiSync
Switches Video Signal Gain Control
VGA Bandwidth (-3db) 300 MHz
Video Resolution 1800 x 1400 @ 80 Hz
Case Wt. 22.25