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100TX (RJ-45) to 100FX (ST) Fast Ethernet media converter

100TX (RJ-45) to 100FX (ST) Fast Ethernet media converter

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The Allied Telesis range of Fast Ethernet Media converters provides a complete family of conversion devices, allowing users to extend the size of UTP networks with the use of fibre cabling. Supporting both SC and ST fibre connectors, these converters can be used to extend networks with up to 2km of fibre. When connecting media converters to autonegotiating Fast Ethernet switches, these media converters will automatically connect the link in either Full or Half-Duplex mode, allowing the link to be established with the greatest bandwidth. Alternatively, the MissingLink feature allows accurate reporting to network management systems as well as allowing devices with redundant link capability to be inter-connected with these media converters, as a failure in one fibre link will be signalled to the switch, allowing the second link to become active.


  • Half full-duplex operation
  • Transparent to 802.1Q packets
  • Rackmountable using optional AT-MCR12,TRAY4 or TRAY1 chassis
  • MissingLink
  • Link Test